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hydraulic wire rope press machine

Excellent designed product approved 1500 ton high pressure

MS20ST1500 Hydraulic Wire Rope Machine is a new generation machine, produced independently in Poland. Our machine has an advance technology and high quality dual control for hydraulic system. It's very easy to operate by reliable mechanical system device. The machine is operated by hydraulic power and it is processed in non cutting shape technology keeping the strenght of the wire.

High standards T he pressed steel wire rope features super high strength, stong corrosion resistance.

hydraulic wire rope press machine

Technical details of MS20ST1500 hydraulic wire rope crimping press machine:
Model No. MS20ST1500
Motor power (KW) 25
Max Piston movement (mm) 150
Max working preassure (BAR) 420
Max wire rope diameter (mm) 68
Voltage (V) 380
Current frequency (HZ) 380
Rated Capacity 1500
Weight (kg) Approx. 10000
Piston speed without load (mm/s) 8,8
Piston speed with load (mm/s) 1,35
Piston reversing speed (mm/s) 12,2
Foot switch YES
Auto / Manual selection YES
Total lenght (mm) 2700
Total width (mm) 700
Total height (mm) 1800-2000 depending on the option
Power source Hydraulic
CNC or Not NO
*Our machine MS20ST1500 Hydraulic Wire Rope Machine has warranty 1 Year and certification CE

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