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About us

More than 20 years experience in marine equipment as follows :

  1. Wires for main deck cranes and for lifeboat cranes incl. end- fittings.

  2. Steel wire ropes and Polypropylene ropes for mooring (swaged and hand-spliced eyes)

  3. Whole kinds of marine tackle/hardware (cargo blocks, shackles, one-way slings, turnbuckles, webbing and chain cargo secure ratchets, wire rope clips, hooks, spelter sockets including service on site with socketing by wirelock, thimbles, etc.)

  4. Lifting Clamps, Lever and Block Chain Hoists (manual, electric and air driven).

  5. Service and inspections of whole above Hoisting Equipment.

  6. Proof Testing any lifting devices on government approved test bench max.500 tonnes capacity with computer tensile diagram and certificate.

  7. Whole types of possible end-fittings of wire ropes (swaged, socketing, terminated by clips, hand-spliced).

  8. Descructive and Non-descructive testings with certificates.

  9. Slings - webbing, chain and wirerope for Offshore with DNV certyficates

  10. Representative and factory service stations for:

    • - Deck Maschinery, Steering Gears, compresors

    • HAMWORTHY - compressors

    • - Rudders, steering Gears

    • HYDROSTER - Steering Gears

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