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The 6 connector styles shown below make it possible for Crosby to furnish a Golden Gate Hook to fit almost any make or model of hoisting equipment including American Engineering Lo-Hed, ARO, Coffing, Electro Lift, Ingersoll-Rand, P & H, Robbins and Myers, Shepard Niles, CM, Shaw-Box, Wright, Yale & Towne.



(Standard Length)


(Long Length)

For use where hoisting line or shackle can be inserted into the bail.

For use on existing load blocks, with standard shank length. Hook sizes: 2 through 14.

For use on existing load blocks requiring extra shank length. t. Hook sizes:

4 through 17.

Style C — with self-closing gate.

Style A — with manual-closing gate.

Style D — with self-closing gate.

Style B — with manual-closing gate.

Style K — with self-closing gate.

Style I — with manual-closing gate.





Open swivel bail for attachment

to link chain.

Suitable for infrequent,

non continuous rotation

under load. Hook size:

3, 4 and 5.

With ball-bearing swivel; attaches to chain by an alloy pin. Suitable for frequent rotation under load. H ook sizes:

4, 5 and 7.

Attachment with ball-bearing swivel

and full-floating connector.

Suitable for

frequent rotation

under load.

Hook sizes: A K

4, 5 and 6.

Style E — with self-closing gate.

Style G — with manual-closing gate.

Style O — with self-closing gate.

Style P — with manual-closing gate.

Style S — with self-closing gate.

Style R — with manual-closing gate.

Letter designations shown beneath each illustration above indicate BOTH connector style and gate type. Each connector is available with either a self-closing or manual-closing gate. (e.g.: A size 4 hook with a closed swivel bail connector and self-closing gate is 4-C; with manual-closing gate, it is 4-A.)


Brass alloy Golden Gates® are engineered for quality, easy handling and dependability. The heavy duty, corrosion resistant locking mechanism will stay locked until an operator releases it; yet, can easily be shut with one hand. Cost effective, these gates reduce down time, providing the alternative to conventional latches.
LIF-LOK® GATE - Size 1 ROLLOX® GATE - Sizes 5 through 9

To lock: close the gate; the built-in spring locks the gate against the hook tip.

To unlock: lift the gate upward on the hook shank and swing open.

To lock: close the gate; a stainless steel pin is mounted in a horizontal bore which passes through the gate and engages a notch milled in the hook shank.

To unlock: move the lever downward a quarter-turn or until it stops, the gate can now swing open 160° (ap-prox.)

PIN-LOK® - Size 2 through 4 TIP-LOK® GATE - Sizes 10 through 17

To lock: close the gate; a stainless steel pin is carried in a horizontal bore and engages a milles slot in the hook shank.

To unlock: simply depress the stainless steel pin which causes the pin to disengage from the milles slot.

To lock: press the arm down until the lock trips; two arms ofthegatenowenclosethetipofthehook.

To unlock: manually depressing the locking trigger automatically raises the movable arm, allowing the gate to be rotated open.




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