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Machinefabriek P.J. van Mechelen's wire rope blocks exist in a great many variations in order to meet your needs. In the tables on the next pages, our standard wire rope blocks are shown. Apart from this standard range of wire rope blocks, we can supply blocks in any design and size to meet your demands / requirements.

Wire rope blocks till a Working Load Limit (WLL) of 25 tons, apart for American Pattern Cargo Blocks and Lashing Blocks, are supplied with a test certificate without additional costs. Testing and certification of wire rope blocks with a Working Load Limit of over 25 tons at extra charge.

Inspection, testing and maintenance

  • Check daily visually the blocks for damages and dirt.
  • Blocks should be inspected at least once a year by a surveyor for proper functioning and damages.
  • Blocks should be taken apart at least every 4 years by a specialist, for inspection of wear, hidden damages or beginning cracks and have the blocks tested by an authori zed testing body.
  • After repair, blocks have to be tested by an authorized testing body.
  • If blocks are supplied with grease nipples, preferably grease every 24 hours at continuous use and every fortnight at discontinuous use.

Different grease frequencies apply in the next circumstances:

  • bronze bearings: every 8 hours at continuous use or at least after 2 weeks;
  • main shaft ball bearings: every 24 hours at continuous use or at least after 2 weeks;
  • tapered roller bearings: every 40 hours at continuous use or at least after 4 weeks;
  • cylindrical roller bearings: every month at continuous use or once every year in clean operating circumstances.
  • Parts should be replaced if wear is 5% or more (e.g. hooks and eyes).

Directions for use

  • use of wire rope blocks, the bearing loads should be taken into account (see diagram below).

  • If the wire rope end termination (dead end) is to be connected to the block, it should only be mounted to the becket.
  • For mounting a wire rope block, the maximum fleet angle is 2° from the center of the sheave.
  • Snatch blocks are only to be used closed.
  • For connections, only use components that are suitable for the indicated working load limit (WLL).
  • Never use wire rope with a diameter larger than the groove of the sheave is made for.

Design, specifications

  • Standard all wire rope blocks are painted blue, apart from American Pattern Cargo Blocks and Lashing blocks (painted gray) and those blocks that are standard galvanized.
  • Diverging sizes and designs are possible.

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