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G2130A - szakle w klasie GR80

The new shackle has been designed for the energy industry, particularly as they continue to explore in more

demanding environments where impact properties at -40oC are required as a minimum.


This new range of G2130A shackles is available in sizes from 2 through 17 metric tonnes

with a Design Factor of 8:1.

The new line features our value added QUIC-CHECK® angle indicators forged into each shackle bow at 45° angles from vertical, and the dimensions and WLL of the shackles are in accordance with EN 13889:2003.

The newshackles are Quenched and Tempered, and have a totally galvanized body and pin to

differentiate them from our standard Red Pin® bolt-type shackles.

Each bow is marked with"8" for Grade 8, and can be retrofitted with RFID chips.


An important feature of the G2130A is that they have Type Approval and certification in

accordance with DNV 2.7-1Offshore Containers, with charpy impact values minimum

42J at -40C.

Crosby can also provide a certified material (mill) analysis for each production lot,

traceable by the Product Identification Code (PIC).

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